Pre-Sales Tracking

is a process or a set of activities normally carried out before a customer is acquired. The task of a presales person starts from the initial contact phase and often ends once the customer is acquired i.e. sale is made. The presales professional thus understands what the customer needs, develops an initial view of the solution the customer needs, then tailors the product or service of his company to meet what the customer needs, explains (or helps sell) this solution to the customer, helps close the deal or sale and often stays on to ensure that the delivery team or product specialists that follow him provide the intended solution. Areas of specialty of Presales include :

Pre-Sales Tracking Module :

This module shall maintain all the records of Before sale activities. Which involves the following activities -

  • Client List - It shows the list of all the clients which is registered under the CRM. It will show the client registered by the employees or admin. It contains detail about the clients like - Client Name, Company Name, Mobile No., City, Registered By, Create Date .
  • Generating Opportunity - The employee generates opportunity for its business . It will show the list of total sales opportunity generated by the each employees with its full description.
  • Creating Leads - From the different sources employees will generate the leads by their own or by the company which is assigned to them.
  • No. Of Deals - It represents the status about the no. of total deals are open , close & decline & also it shows the description for each employees deals.
  • Send Proposal - You can create the business proposal for send to your clients & track that which employee send the proposal to which client .
  • Reports - It will provide you the different activity reports like - Client wise activity report, Employee wise & product wise activity report.
  • Follow up Tracking - It will provide the follow up tracking details with clients.
  • Inbound Opportunity - Matching Client requirement & availability of their requirement.
  • Alerts & Reminders - Setting alerts & reminders for daily activities of employees & self.
Post Sales Tracking "Profit in business comes from customer"
Post sale activities involve the payment process which is done after the deal has been closed for a particular product. It keeps the record of all payment details for a particular product made by the clients. It is a part from where revenue is generated for the business.

It contains payment details of all clients with client full details , Product details, Status of Payment, Mode of payment & Delivery status of product. It will keep updating you about the payment status of client that whose payment is due & how much. On the basis of payment details we can decide about the delivery of a particular product to clients

Post Sales Tracking Module :This module shall maintain all the records of After sale activities i.e. Payment Part. Which involves the following activities:
  • Close Client List - It shows the list of client which is closed in the pre sale activity with their payment details in it.
  • Pending Payment - It will show the payment list whose amount is still due or which is paid half only. It will show the payment list whose amount is still due or which is paid half only.
  • Closed Client List - Under this it will show the list of clients whose payment is fully paid and it is closed no amount is pending for payment.
  • Delivery Status - It will help to confirm delivery of product to the clients by verifying every thing.
Services Tracking "Customer is a King"
The customer is the person who pays everyone's salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail. Customer service means to providing a quality product & services, Satisfying needs & wants of a customer & retain the existing customer & making new one. Avaliable to customer at the time of any problem or query related to the product.
CRM Customer service track all the services activities like - Support to the clients by providing them training about it use, Support their queries, giving proper response for their complaints, Providing time to time benefit, Greeting them on special occasions, Providing special schemes time to time.

It involves to provide support to the clients by opening tickets for each complaints or Client requirement to the company employees as a service engineer who will solve the complaint received from the client . This module will help to manage all client services provided by the organization. It involves the following points:

  • Service Engineer -Creates no. of service engineer available at your office who will solve the client issue or complaints. Support team will open the ticket for the complaint register by the client and assigned it to the service engineer for solving it.
  • Ticket Details - View the ticket details how many are open & closed with their detail description .
  • Verified Tickets - Checking the tickets & verified it before closing it. It is verified by the support team.